The Potential for a Water Crisis in the U.S.

The water we use today is stored in aquifers and in reservoirs. Together, these methods, along with the infrastructure associated with them, play a major part in powering the U.S. economy. A growing population and the failure to adapt U.S. water policies and maintain our national water infrastructure have left us with a potentially serious […]

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Tree Dangers Around Your Home

Trees Can Grow To Be A Problem. Although trees are generally a desirable feature of home landscaping, they can pose a threat to buildings in a number of different ways. Home owners may want to educate themselves about tree dangers so that they can be aware of potentially dangerous situations. Tree Roots and Foundations Contrary […]

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poison ivy dangerous plant around house extermination

Hazardous Plants Around Your Home: Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

The Dangers of Poisonous Plant Species In almost all suburban and rural regions of the United States and Canada, home owners run the risk of developing potentially debilitating, allergic symptoms from exposure to urushiol-secreting plants. This potent, clear oil causes an itching rash (called contact dermatitis) in 350,000 people each year, but these numbers can […]

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Toilet maintenance

Pressure-Assist Toilets

What are Pressure-Assisted Toilets, and How do they Work? As Pressure-Assisted toilets become more common, especially in newer and updated homes, homeowners should know how they work. Pressure-assist toilets are water-efficient alternatives to standard, gravity toilets. The first pressure-assist toilet was developed in 1984 in response to concerns over water shortages, and they have become […]

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Save energy

Elements of an Energy-Efficient House

Designing and Building An Energy-Efficient Home? There are many conformations that home builders need to take into account when considering energy source installation. Many people don’t believe their homes would be able to benefit from low-cost energy alternatives. However, at Home Inspections Plus, we believe that any house style can be made to require relatively […]

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home energy efficiency

Increasing Home Energy Efficiency

Tips to Increase Your Home’s Energy Effeciency Home Inspections Plus advises that energy-efficient homes require less energy to perform household functions than homes that are less energy-efficient. There are many adjustments that homeowners can make to reduce the amount of energy required by their homes. Interesting facts about energy consumption in the United States and […]

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