Home Warranty Inspections

Kennewick Home Warranty Inspections

Home warranties are supposed to offer peace of mind. Unfortunately, home warranties come to an end, and problems may remain hidden until well after the warranty expires. Many home buyers seek home warranties for new construction, but then allow these valuable insurance policies to expire without determining whether the home developed a covered condition. Conducting a professional home warranty inspection before your home warranty expires may help you avoid potentially expensive, but covered home repairs.

Home Warranty Inspections help support your warranty claims

Building contractors can make errors, or cut corners during a home’s construction. This may not initially be apparent, but could set the stage for major problems after your warranty expires. The professional inspectors from Home Inspections Plus will perform a comprehensive inspection of all structural, electrical and mechanical systems in the home before your coverage expires. The report will contain written evaluations and photographic evidence that supports the inspectors’ findings. This can help you determine whether to file a claim for covered repairs under
your home warranty. It can also provide evidence to support your warranty claims.

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