Home Re-Inspections

Home InspectionA home is probably your largest asset. When you’re buying a home, you may find conditions that you ask the seller to correct as a condition of the sale. Without reinspecting the property, how do you know that the work was actually completed? Even if a major home repair isn’t part of a sales contract, you want to know that the work was done well.

Home Re-Inspections Richland

Re-inspections conducted by a certified home inspection professional can help you verify the quality of a major home repair. You may be asking yourself, “Is re-inspection really necessary?” In a perfect world, you would hope not, but realistically, a re-inspection is the best way to protect yourself from low quality repair work.

A home seller may take the lowest-cost route to removing a contingency – which isn’t always in the buyer’s best interest. A “lowest cost approach” may include DIY repairs, or using the lowest-cost contractor. While this may suffice in some cases, sellers may try to cut corners on a major repair. They may do the work without a permit, use low quality materials or simply disguise the visible evidence of the problem. If you remove the contingency without knowing the work is completed to satisfaction, you could be stuck with making the expensive repairs you were trying to avoid!

Re-inspections by a qualified home inspector can help you verify the completeness and quality of a repair. Re-inspecting a property prior to releasing a purchase contingency is the best way to protect yourself against low-quality repairs. Re-inspections can also help homeowners evaluate the quality of a major repair before releasing final payment to a contractor.

Home Inspections Plus offers comprehensive re-inspection services. We’ll compare the final condition of a repair with its initial condition to determine whether the work truly satisfies the buyer’s contingency. We’ll provide a detailed written report with photographic and/or thermographic evidence to help purchasers or homeowners determine the acceptability of the work.

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